Views is a collection of 3 publications and 3 short animated video works, created in response to a plein air period spent in the Tatra Mountain range, Dolina Pięciu Stawów, Zakopane, Poland…

The works draw from the experiences lived through and shared in this elevated valley, with 3 metres of deep snow, language barriers and the freezing cold: the relationships, the environment and landscape, combining them with the expectations that preceeded the moutains, and subsequent reflections developed later when back in Warsaw. They aim to ascertain the affect of eventsm, dialogues and environments on (human) acts, and how they may effect (human) desires.

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  1. […] Montage is extremely important to me, with the Themersons much to blame, as well as Vertov, even Gordon, Malevich, Moholy-Nagy – the list could continue to grow. Photography enters here too, but it’s not something I’ve really ever felt adept at – I’m not patient enough, not strict enough, not skilled enough. A deadly combination. […]

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